ANZACT Endorsement Process

Process for ANZACT Endorsement

An application to present at an ANZACT workshop is deemed an application for Endorsement


  • Only members are eligible to apply for ANZACT Endorsement
  • All proposals must be presented at an ANZACT workshop


  • Members can submit a proposal for Endorsement at any stage of the continuum of development, from Concept (i.e. new ideas for development) to Refinement (i.e. pre-submission for funding).  
  • Members will be advised of workshop opportunities by email 
  • Members will complete an Application Form on the ANZACT website to present at a workshop
  • Review and selection for presentation at the workshop will be conducted by the Chair of the Scientific Committee and working group members:  the latter will be appointed from the Scientific Committee and Community Advisory Group for the duration of the planning-to-post period of the workshop.

The criteria for selection will include:

  • Relevance of the research question, including burden of disease (on the individual or health system), gaps in evidence, and alignment with national priorities
  • Significance, including innovation and ‘implementability’ (the ability to be translated into practice or policy)
  • Evidence of, or an intent for consumer input (depending on the stage of development)
  • Evidence of (i) collaboration, and (ii) potential for multiple sites will be well regarded

Recommendations are made by the Chair of the Scientific Committee and working group members to the Executive Team, who then formally advise members of the outcome of their application for Endorsement:

(i) following presentation at a workshop

(ii) following a review – the Chair of the Scientific Committee will nominate 2 members of the Committee and at least 1 consumer to provide a review and recommendation on Endorsement (as per the flow chart)

  • Proposals presented at an ANZACT workshop will be required to comply with the Conditions of Endorsement 

Conditions of Endorsement

Where applicable, the following are required for proposals Endorsed or presented at ANZACT workshops:

  • Evidence of HREC approval is provided to the Executive Officer within 2 weeks of receipt
  • Trials are registered on an appropriate registry (eg, ANZCTR) before recruitment commences
  •  A liaison person is nominated as a primary point of contact

The liaison person will provide 6-monthly reports. A template will be provided and include:

  • Brief description of activities to date, and challenges encountered
  • Target and number of sites open to recruitment
  • Target and number of patients recruited 
  • To enable ANZACT to promote members’ research, the Executive Officer will be notified of acceptance of manuscripts and expected publication dates 
  • All publications, presentations, etc. will include an acknowledgment of ANZACT Endorsement

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